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Motivation Monday – Filling in the Blanks

I keep a spreadsheet which helps me see at a glance which records I am missing for my direct ancestors. I’ve found it helpful in motivating me to make sure I have as much documentation of my ancestors as possible – this (hopefully!) ensures that I’m on the right track with the right family. As I’m concentrating on my Freeman side from South Derbyshire at … Continue reading Motivation Monday – Filling in the Blanks

My family history

Black Sheep Sunday… Larceny

  In my previous post I had found my 3x Great Grandmother Elizabeth Wood (nee Cope) languishing in prison, with her young daughter, in 1851. I was pretty keen to find out how she’d ended up in prison. I turned to the British Library newspaper collection at Find My Past to see if I could find any court appearances for Elizabeth. I found not one, but two, both … Continue reading Black Sheep Sunday… Larceny

Wordless Wednesday – A Great Read

This amazing book relates the history of the author’s family in the Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire. I think it would be of interest to any family historian and especially to those who lived around this area.  The period covering the miner’s strike brought back such memories – not good ones. As this is a Wordless Wednesday post I’m not going to go into detail, but … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday – A Great Read

Black Sheep Sunday – An Interesting Discovery…

  I’ve been trying to find some of the resources I’ve been missing for my 3x Great Grandparents, Mark Wood and Elizabeth Cope – one of these is the 1851 census return. After trying some different search techniques and filtering I finally found Mark Wood living on his own, but still noted as married, in Two Gates, Warwickshire. So where were his wife and children? … Continue reading Black Sheep Sunday – An Interesting Discovery…

My ancestry

Even Further Back With The Wood Family

In my previous blog post I’d found that my 2x Great-Grandfather Mark Wood (1855-1901) had been with the Coldstream Guards in London and I was keen to find out more about his time there. I used a free trial from Ancestry’s Fold collection and downloaded several pages from the Police Gazette where Mark was listed as a deserter. Unfortunately, on revisiting the downloaded documents I … Continue reading Even Further Back With The Wood Family

My ancestry

He’s Football Crazy, He’s Football Mad…..

A professional footballer in the family…   Following my 2x Great-Uncle Charles Redfearn Freeman forwards in the census returns I was surprised to find him in 1911, lodging with the Skinner family in Fulham & his occupation noted as footballer. In fact, Charles was one of five footballers lodging with the Skinners at this time, all playing for Chelsea FC. It piqued my curiosity so … Continue reading He’s Football Crazy, He’s Football Mad…..