Wordless Wednesday – Vintage Style

A family day out in August 1952.   Taken from my Great-aunt Joy's albums

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My Ancestry DNA

I was very pleased to receive an Ancestry DNA test for Christmas, I'd decided on it when it was on offer during the 'Black Friday' weekend. I'd done one some years ago; an mtDNA test which only looks at the female line. At the time, this was the only test available for women and although… Continue reading My Ancestry DNA


A Second Marriage…

This is a follow-up from an earlier post where I'd found a previously unknown second marriage for my Great-Grandfather William Frederick Freeman. William remarried in 1940, following the death of his first wife in 1935. His new wife was Nellie Hackett, a widow, aged 58. I couldn't decipher Nellie's maiden name to start with, but a… Continue reading A Second Marriage…

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Wordless Wednesday – Vintage Postcards

These are from my Great-Aunt Joy's albums - they show the Blue Pool in Wareham, Dorset and date from around 1940.  

Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, Freeman, Overseal

Three New Death Certificates……..

I'm trying hard not to get distracted by the side branches in my family tree at the moment and am concentrating on my direct Freeman ancestors. I have lots of gaps in my tree and haven't as yet got very far back in time with them. They hail mostly from south Derbyshire, around Overseal and… Continue reading Three New Death Certificates……..


Something a family historian should never have to do… to record the death of their own child. A school friend sent us a letter: I don't think he will mind me sharing a couple of excerpts; "It is only in adulthood (often)that you reflect on the qualities of people. Mark was kind, caring, loyal and understanding in every memory I have of him."… Continue reading Something a family historian should never have to do…

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Climbing Another Branch…

Filling in my large family tree chart has revealed the branches of my tree that I haven't yet researched in any depth, so I've decided to concentrate on one of these branches for a while to see what I can discover. I have begun this with my great grandfather William Frederick Freeman (1878-1951). From his… Continue reading Climbing Another Branch…