Ancestry DNA

My Ancestry DNA

My results came through a couple of weeks ago and they've proved interesting. My ethnicity hasn't thrown up any surprises & is pretty nondescript actually. I was hoping for something a little further afield from home as a good excuse for a holiday but it looks like I've missed out there! I'm a little disappointed… Continue reading My Ancestry DNA

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William Carey Freeman (1848-1875)

  The sad death of my 2x Great-uncle, William Carey Freeman following an accident in a coal pit. I'd noticed he had died at a young age from the BMD records  and had decided to search for an inquest report in the local papers rather than ordering the death certificate. It sounds like an awful, but… Continue reading William Carey Freeman (1848-1875)

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My Ancestry DNA

I was very pleased to receive an Ancestry DNA test for Christmas, I'd decided on it when it was on offer during the 'Black Friday' weekend. I'd done one some years ago; an mtDNA test which only looks at the female line. At the time, this was the only test available for women and although… Continue reading My Ancestry DNA


A Second Marriage…

This is a follow-up from an earlier post where I'd found a previously unknown second marriage for my Great-Grandfather William Frederick Freeman. William remarried in 1940, following the death of his first wife in 1935. His new wife was Nellie Hackett, a widow, aged 58. I couldn't decipher Nellie's maiden name to start with, but a… Continue reading A Second Marriage…