The Nottingham Jowetts continued….

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The three postal certificates I ordered have finally arrived for my Jowett ancestors that I’d found in Basford Cemetery, Nottingham.

Fortunately for me all the details fit with what I’ve already found so at least I know I’m on the right track even if the burials left me a little puzzled.

Working backwards so beginning with Theresa’s death:

Bates Theresa (1851) death cert

From this I’ve discovered that Theresa had been widowed for a second time, so John Hallam predeceased her. The informant was Tom Hind, her son-in-law, so one of Edmund & Theresa’s daughters must have married him. As far as I know they only had two daughters, Edith and Mabel and I know Mabel married a man called Stephens so I can now look for a marriage between Mabel Jowett and Tom Hind and expand the family a little wider.

Edmund Jowett’s death;

Jowett Edmund (1848) Death Cert

This confirmed Edmund’s death as the 7th April at his home in Gawthorne Street, Nottingham and confirms the information I already have.

Edmund Jowett’s birth;

Jowett Edmund (1848) birth cert

I now know Edmund’s exact date of birth, which I didn’t have before. This confirms his parents as Edmund Jowett and Sarah neé Morton which supports what I’d previously found in the census.

So now I can file those and carry on!