Onto the Theobald Family… and Further….

As my Jowett family are proving difficult I’ve decided to look at Martha Theobald’s ancestry. Martha is my 4x Great Grandmother, she married Edmund Jowett in Wilne, Derbyshire in 1807. I located a baptism for her quite easily – it’s on the same page as her future husband’s at St Chad’s in Wilne in 1787. Her parents were Richard and Hannah from Draycott. I found … Continue reading Onto the Theobald Family… and Further….

A picture of St Chad's church in Wilne, near Draycott, Derbyshire.

Going Backwards With the Jowetts…

In my previous post I looked at Edmund Jowett & Martha Theobald, my 4x Great-grandparents & a couple of their descendants I’m now going to try to go back another generation and research their parents. Edmund Jowett was baptised At St Chad’s Church, Wilne on the 28th October 1787 – the son of John & Elizabeth of Draycott. His future wife, Martha Theobald is on … Continue reading Going Backwards With the Jowetts…

A Jowett Mystery ….

After I’d found and corrected my mistake with Edmund Jowett’s parents I started trying to follow my newly discovered 4x Great Grandparents backwards. I found a marriage for Edmund Jowett and Martha Theobald in 1807 at St Chad’s in Wilne, Derbyshire. The marriage entry revealed that they were both born in that parish, so I was able to find baptisms for them both. Edmund (recorded … Continue reading A Jowett Mystery ….

A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery… Continued

Following on from my previous post on William Jowett (1853-1910) and his wife Eliza Wright I have now received the certificates I ordered from the GRO. Their marriage record shows that they married, after Banns, on the 17th December 1870 at St Mary & All Soul’s church in Bulwell, Nottinghamshire. William was working as a twisthand and notes his father as Edmund Jowett, an engineman, … Continue reading A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery… Continued

A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery

On my earlier visit to Basford Cemetery I found two headstones relating to my Jowetts. The first was that of my 2x Great Uncle, William Jowett William is the son of my 3x Great Grandparents, Edmund Jowett and Sarah (nee Morton). I don’t have a birth certificate for him, but I do have his baptism, which took place on the 26th February 1854 at Wilne, … Continue reading A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery

St leodegarius Church in Basford, Nottingham

Sorting Out The Jowetts …

I thought I’d more or less sorted out how my Nottingham Jowett family fits together. But whilst browsing through the baptisms for St. Leodegarius church in Nottingham I found two Jowett baptisms I hadn’t seen before; Edmund in May 1837 and John Edwin in March 1839. What concerned me was that their parents’ names were Edmund and Sarah Jowett – the same as my 3x … Continue reading Sorting Out The Jowetts …

Map of Hawthorpe Lincolnshire

Climbing the Bates Family Tree – Teresa Bates 1851-1932

I’ve decided to turn my attention to my Bates side of the family. I haven’t done a great deal of research on this side and I have a DNA match with a distant cousin which I’d love to know more about. I’m starting with T(h)eresa Bates, my Great-Great Grandmother. She was born in Hawthorpe, Lincolnshire in August 1851, the 7th child of Peter and Mary … Continue reading Climbing the Bates Family Tree – Teresa Bates 1851-1932

The Nottingham Jowetts continued….

The three postal certificates I ordered have finally arrived for my Jowett ancestors that I’d found in Basford Cemetery, Nottingham. Fortunately for me all the details fit with what I’ve already found so at least I know I’m on the right track even if the burials left me a little puzzled. Working backwards so beginning with Theresa’s death: From this I’ve discovered that Theresa had … Continue reading The Nottingham Jowetts continued….

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Friday’s Faces From The Past

I kept in touch with my Great-Aunt Joy in Australia for many years via airmail. She also had penfriends in many different countries that she’d been corresponding with for many years. I’ve found quite a few photos of them in her albums so I thought I’d share a few via this blog. I have no information on any of her friends, other than what Joy … Continue reading Friday’s Faces From The Past


The Nottingham Jowetts

Following my discoveries in Basford cemetery I took advantage of the PDF trial at the GRO (General Register Office) to order the marriage certificate of my Great-Great-Grandmother Theresa Bates and her second husband John Hallam. The certificate proved my Grandmother was correct about Theresa’s remarriage; her given name is Jowett & her father’s name is Peter Bates which fits with previous certificates I have found for her. Theresa’s residence at the … Continue reading The Nottingham Jowetts