(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Mr Grice

I found this photo of Mr Grice in one of my Great Aunt Joy’s albums and thought he looked like an interesting character. I have managed to find a little bit about him – so this won’t be a particularly wordless post! I know the photo was taken in either Bournemouth or Poole, so I searched for the surname Grice in those areas of Hampshire … Continue reading (Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Mr Grice

Wordless Wednesday – Grandpa Bucknall

Quite some years ago my Great Aunt Joy gave me a gorgeous Nottingham lace bedspread that had been designed by her Grandfather, William Bucknall (1861-1937). Joy thought it had been made for display at a London exhibition, but was unsure of any details and I haven’t yet been able to place it. I’ve since found out about as much as I can about him, all … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday – Grandpa Bucknall

The Elusive Bates Family Baptisms…

Following on from my previous post I decided to look for the baptisms of the children of my 3x Great Grandparents Peter Bates & Mary Phillips. They lived in Lincolnshire around the hamlets of Hawthorpe and Bulby, according to the census returns Peter worked as an agricultural labourer, a fairly common occupation in that area. Using Family Search I found the couples’ first six children … Continue reading The Elusive Bates Family Baptisms…

Gravestone of Ann Grundy in Lincoln, England

Rounding Up the Redferns

Following on from my last post about the Redfern branch of my family tree, I thought I’d check what other information I’m missing for them, before moving on.  For Charles Redfern , my 3x Great Grandfather, I was missing his death and burial. I knew he was still alive in the 1881 census, but I’d failed to find him in 1891. I found his wife, … Continue reading Rounding Up the Redferns

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Friday’s Faces From The Past

I kept in touch with my Great-Aunt Joy in Australia for many years via airmail. She also had penfriends in many different countries that she’d been corresponding with for many years. I’ve found quite a few photos of them in her albums so I thought I’d share a few via this blog. I have no information on any of her friends, other than what Joy … Continue reading Friday’s Faces From The Past