Wordless Wednesday – Grandpa Bucknall

Quite some years ago my Great Aunt Joy gave me a gorgeous Nottingham lace bedspread that had been designed by her Grandfather, William Bucknall (1861-1937). Joy thought it had been made for display at a London exhibition, but was unsure of any details and I haven’t yet been able to place it. I’ve since found out about as much as I can about him, all … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday – Grandpa Bucknall

Great Aunt Joy's family at a party

Wordless Wednesday – Great Aunt Joy’s Albums

More family photos from Great Aunt Joy’s albums. these date from 1936. Once again, unfortunately, I have no idea who the people in the photos are. The realisation that they were just three years away from another world war is quite sobering. I’ve searched for a possible cousin called Eileen, but haven’t found anyone who fits the bill. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday – Great Aunt Joy’s Albums