Gravestone of Ann Grundy in Lincoln, England

Rounding Up the Redferns

Following on from my last post about the Redfern branch of my family tree, I thought I’d check what other information I’m missing for them, before moving on.  For Charles Redfern , my 3x Great Grandfather, I was missing his death and burial. I knew he was still alive in the 1881 census, but I’d failed to find him in 1891. I found his wife, … Continue reading Rounding Up the Redferns

Mixed up letters, family tree record transcriptions

Tuesday’s Tip – How To Find Your Ancestors

It’s not easy to find your ancestors on Ancestry or Find My Past if their names have been mistranscribed from the records. Here’s a couple of examples from my family tree:               So searching for a surname in all these cases didn’t find the family I was looking for. But there are ways round this if your searches have … Continue reading Tuesday’s Tip – How To Find Your Ancestors

Genealogy research

My Ancestry DNA

My results came through a couple of weeks ago and they’ve proved interesting. My ethnicity hasn’t thrown up any surprises & is pretty nondescript actually. I was hoping for something a little further afield from home as a good excuse for a holiday but it looks like I’ve missed out there! I’m a little disappointed with the number of matches that have no family tree … Continue reading My Ancestry DNA


My Ancestry DNA

I was very pleased to receive an Ancestry DNA test for Christmas, I’d decided on it when it was on offer during the ‘Black Friday’ weekend. I’d done one some years ago; an mtDNA test which only looks at the female line. At the time, this was the only test available for women and although the results were interesting the genealogical matches that it threw … Continue reading My Ancestry DNA

Sundays Obituary – Thomas May

A distant cousin and I had spent lots of time trying to find the death of our mutual ancestor Thomas May, without success. Thomas is my 3x great-grandfather and he was born in Hinckley, Leicestershire in c1819, the son of William May and Catherine Townsend.  During his life he had lived in Hinckley, Nottingham and Birmingham so we needed to consider all these places when … Continue reading Sundays Obituary – Thomas May