My Genealogy

Motivation Monday – Filling in the Blanks

I keep a spreadsheet which helps me see at a glance which records I am missing for my direct ancestors. I’ve found it helpful in motivating me to make sure I have as much documentation of my ancestors as possible – this (hopefully!) ensures that I’m on the right track with the right family. As I’m concentrating on my Freeman side from South Derbyshire at … Continue reading Motivation Monday – Filling in the Blanks


Something a family historian should never have to do… to record the death of their own child. A school friend sent us a letter: I don’t think he will mind me sharing a couple of excerpts; “It is only in adulthood (often)that you reflect on the qualities of people. Mark was kind, caring, loyal and understanding in every memory I have of him.” “I will always remember Mark Cox, his kindness, his joy … Continue reading Something a family historian should never have to do…


Friday’s Faces From The Past

I kept in touch with my Great-Aunt Joy in Australia for many years via airmail. She also had penfriends in many different countries that she’d been corresponding with for many years. I’ve found quite a few photos of them in her albums so I thought I’d share a few via this blog. I have no information on any of her friends, other than what Joy … Continue reading Friday’s Faces From The Past


…to go a revolutioning…

  In 2006 I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in History. I chose to research the so-called ‘Pentrich Revolution’ as it was local to me and I’d looked at it previously when I was at school. As it’s the 200th anniversary of this event today I thought I’d tweak my dissertation introduction and publish it on my blog.   To give a … Continue reading …to go a revolutioning…