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Military Monday – Percival Richardson. Royal Engineers Part I

Military Monday – Percival Richardson. Royal Engineers Part II I've recently added my 2xGreat Uncle Percival Richardson to Lives of the First World War. I've already posted a few posts about Percy, but hadn't got round to adding his details to the site. Luckily Percy's service records are extant unlike many others so I have… Continue reading Military Monday – Percival Richardson. Royal Engineers Part I

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As it's Remembrance Sunday today, I thought I'd post about the Richardson's experience of World War One. Four of the five Richardson brothers, the sons of Robert Richardson, were in the forces during the war. Harold, the elder brother, born in 1881,was already in the Army by the time of the 1911 Census.  He can… Continue reading

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Robert Richardson 1855–1934

 Robert Richardson 1855-1934 My great-great grandfather, Robert Richardson was born in 1855 in Staithes, North Yorkshire.  The youngest of four illegitimate children of Hannah Richardson; his father was possibly John Harrison, an ostler, with whom Hannah as lived as a housekeeper between c1846 and 1857. Staithes 2005 Hannah died on the 10th February 1857… Continue reading Robert Richardson 1855–1934