My genealogy

Tuesday’s Tip – Filling In The Gaps

I ordered a family tree chart from My History some time ago & am spending some of the Bank Holiday weekend filling it in. What struck me almost straight away is the number of gaps in it. I’ve been researching my family for some years & had expected the chart to reflect this, but what it shows is the amount of time I’ve spent filling … Continue reading Tuesday’s Tip – Filling In The Gaps

Tuesday’s Tip – Unsuccessfully organising Myself Part II

Following on from my failure to keep myself organised – the second certificate I ordered was a marriage certificate for my other Great-Grandfather on my paternal line,William Frederick Freeman. The son of George Frederick Freeman, William married Elizabeth Ann Wood on Christmas day 1902. This certificate confirms their marriage date, which I hadn’t known before and also that Elizabeth’s father was Mark Wood, who had … Continue reading Tuesday’s Tip – Unsuccessfully organising Myself Part II

Sorting Saturday – Organising Spreadsheets

A few weeks ago I read a very useful tip about organising your research using a spreadsheet, which can also help in revealing any possible gaps you may have. It looked like a really good idea, so during some free time I’ve had recently I set up my spreadsheet.  I decided to do mine slightly differently to Janine by just doing the one sheet, but … Continue reading Sorting Saturday – Organising Spreadsheets