A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery

On my earlier visit to Basford Cemetery I found two headstones relating to my Jowetts. The first was that of my 2x Great Uncle, William Jowett William is the son of my 3x Great Grandparents, Edmund Jowett and Sarah (nee Morton). I don’t have a birth certificate for him, but I do have his baptism, which took place on the 26th February 1854 at Wilne, … Continue reading A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery

Wordless Wednesday – Grandpa Bucknall

Quite some years ago my Great Aunt Joy gave me a gorgeous Nottingham lace bedspread that had been designed by her Grandfather, William Bucknall (1861-1937). Joy thought it had been made for display at a London exhibition, but was unsure of any details and I haven’t yet been able to place it. I’ve since found out about as much as I can about him, all … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday – Grandpa Bucknall

A Cemetery Visit ….

There are a couple of websites that have set out to document burials and graves in cemeteries worldwide and make them searchable online. I’ve been a member of both of them for a good while, but haven’t ever contributed or used them extensively. I went into Nottingham the other week for a talk at the archives, so I took the opportunity to go a bit … Continue reading A Cemetery Visit ….

St leodegarius Church in Basford, Nottingham

Sorting Out The Jowetts …

I thought I’d more or less sorted out how my Nottingham Jowett family fits together. But whilst browsing through the baptisms for St. Leodegarius church in Nottingham I found two Jowett baptisms I hadn’t seen before; Edmund in May 1837 and John Edwin in March 1839. What concerned me was that their parents’ names were Edmund and Sarah Jowett – the same as my 3x … Continue reading Sorting Out The Jowetts …

A picture of Nazarth House today - it has been converted to apartments.

The Bates Family and the Sisters of Nazareth House..

My 3x Great Grandmother Mary Bates (nee Philips) was a resident of the Sisters of Nazareth House in Lenton, Nottingham at the time of the 1901 UK Census. I also learnt from her death certificate that she’d passed away there in January 1902. The part of the house still extant (seen above) was built in 1802. The Sisters of Nazareth moved their orphanage here in … Continue reading The Bates Family and the Sisters of Nazareth House..

The Bates & Phillips Families in Lincolnshire

Further to my previous post looking at the Bates family of Lincolnshire I’ve now received the certificates I ordered from the GRO. The marriage certificate for Peter Bates and Mary Phillips, my 3x Great Grandparents revealed that they were married in the parish of Bitchfield, Lincolnshire on the 10th June 1839. Both were employed as servants and they both had fathers called John who were … Continue reading The Bates & Phillips Families in Lincolnshire

Map of Hawthorpe Lincolnshire

Climbing the Bates Family Tree – Teresa Bates 1851-1932

I’ve decided to turn my attention to my Bates side of the family. I haven’t done a great deal of research on this side and I have a DNA match with a distant cousin which I’d love to know more about. I’m starting with T(h)eresa Bates, my Great-Great Grandmother. She was born in Hawthorpe, Lincolnshire in August 1851, the 7th child of Peter and Mary … Continue reading Climbing the Bates Family Tree – Teresa Bates 1851-1932

A Sad Loss in the Richardson Family

My grandfather, Fred Richardson was an only child. When I was younger I heard mention that his parents, Ernest and Alice, had had other children who died early or were stillborn.  I wanted to find out if there was any truth in this, but there are sooo many Richardson babies born in Nottingham between Ernest and Alice’s wedding in 1909 and her death in 1927. … Continue reading A Sad Loss in the Richardson Family