A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery

On my earlier visit to Basford Cemetery I found two headstones relating to my Jowetts. The first was that of my 2x Great Uncle, William Jowett William is the son of my 3x Great Grandparents, Edmund Jowett and Sarah (nee Morton). I don’t have a birth certificate for him, but I do have his baptism, which took place on the 26th February 1854 at Wilne, … Continue reading A Jowett Burial in Basford Cemetery

St leodegarius Church in Basford, Nottingham

Sorting Out The Jowetts …

I thought I’d more or less sorted out how my Nottingham Jowett family fits together. But whilst browsing through the baptisms for St. Leodegarius church in Nottingham I found two Jowett baptisms I hadn’t seen before; Edmund in May 1837 and John Edwin in March 1839. What concerned me was that their parents’ names were Edmund and Sarah Jowett – the same as my 3x … Continue reading Sorting Out The Jowetts …

Great Aunt Joy's family at a party

Wordless Wednesday – Great Aunt Joy’s Albums

More family photos from Great Aunt Joy’s albums. these date from 1936. Once again, unfortunately, I have no idea who the people in the photos are. The realisation that they were just three years away from another world war is quite sobering. I’ve searched for a possible cousin called Eileen, but haven’t found anyone who fits the bill. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday – Great Aunt Joy’s Albums