Gravestone of Ann Grundy in Lincoln, England

Rounding Up the Redferns

Following on from my last post about the Redfern branch of my family tree, I thought I’d check what other information I’m missing for them, before moving on.  For Charles Redfern , my 3x Great Grandfather, I was missing his death and burial. I knew he was still alive in the 1881 census, but I’d failed to find him in 1891. I found his wife, … Continue reading Rounding Up the Redferns

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The Things we do for Love – Two Mysterious Marriages

I’ve gone about as far as I can at the moment with my Freeman ancestry, but I realised the other day that I hadn’t looked much at Mary Elizabeth Redfern’s genealogy. She is my 2x Great Grandmother who married George Frederick Freeman in 1875. From her marriage certificate I knew her father was Charles Redfern, a carrier, living in Overseal, Derbyshire. I found Charles fairly … Continue reading The Things we do for Love – Two Mysterious Marriages

Baptism record my family tree

New Freeman Family Branch to Explore – What Will I Find?

I’ve been concentrating on my Freeman side of the family for a while, partly because it’s a branch I haven’t previously paid much attention to but mainly because I’ve recently reconnected with my cousins (first cousins, once removed) on that side and I want to see what I could unearth for them too. I feel like I’ve gone as far with them as I can … Continue reading New Freeman Family Branch to Explore – What Will I Find?

Samuel Squelch Shakespeare - my family tree

Is This the Best Name in my Family Tree?

I spent some time looking at the wider Shakespeare side of my ancestry when I was trying to work out the Stockport and Baptist connections. My 4x Great-Grandparents William Freeman and Elizabeth (née Shakespeare) had been in Stockport, Cheshire with Elizabeth’s older brother Samuel at the time of their marriage so I had a quick look at Samuel’s family. I discovered that he had married a … Continue reading Is This the Best Name in my Family Tree?

Boot and shoe makers in my family history

An Unexpected Family Birthplace Mystery Solved!

  When I found my 3x Great Grandfather William Freeman in the 1851 census, I was surprised to see that his eldest son, John, was born in Stockport, Cheshire. The family had no connections there and their ancestry seemed well rooted in the Netherseal/Overseal area of South Derbyshire. I’d not been able to find a marriage for William and his wife Elizabeth around the Derbyshire … Continue reading An Unexpected Family Birthplace Mystery Solved!

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Interesting Ancestry at the Derbyshire Record Office

I spent a day at the Derbyshire Record Office last week with the intention of searching for the Freeman side of my family tree in the non-conformist registers. From my memories of my Grandparents I knew they were Methodist and had their genealogical roots in Overseal, South Derbyshire. The relevant registers have not been filmed or digitised so I was able to browse through the … Continue reading Interesting Ancestry at the Derbyshire Record Office

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Motivation Monday – Filling in the Blanks

I keep a spreadsheet which helps me see at a glance which records I am missing for my direct ancestors. I’ve found it helpful in motivating me to make sure I have as much documentation of my ancestors as possible – this (hopefully!) ensures that I’m on the right track with the right family. As I’m concentrating on my Freeman side from South Derbyshire at … Continue reading Motivation Monday – Filling in the Blanks

The Freeman & Wood Family.

Following on from my previous post, I decided to follow my 3x Great-grandfather Mark Wood (1856-1901) backwards through the census returns to see if I could locate him with his wife & before that with his parents. I’d previously found Mark Wood in the 1901 census return, living with his wife, Mary Jane and six of their nine children, in Linton, Derbyshire. The census confirms … Continue reading The Freeman & Wood Family.


William Carey Freeman (1848-1875)

  The sad death of my 2x Great-uncle, William Carey Freeman following an accident in a coal pit. I’d noticed he had died at a young age from the BMD records  and had decided to search for an inquest report in the local papers rather than ordering the death certificate. It sounds like an awful, but avoidable accident, the poor man died six months afterwards at … Continue reading William Carey Freeman (1848-1875)

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Three New Death Certificates……..

I’m trying hard not to get distracted by the side branches in my family tree at the moment and am concentrating on my direct Freeman ancestors. I have lots of gaps in my tree and haven’t as yet got very far back in time with them. They hail mostly from south Derbyshire, around Overseal and Burton-on-Trent and were mostly Methodists. I started by ordering three … Continue reading Three New Death Certificates……..