A picture of Nazarth House today - it has been converted to apartments.

The Bates Family and the Sisters of Nazareth House..

My 3x Great Grandmother Mary Bates (nee Philips) was a resident of the Sisters of Nazareth House in Lenton, Nottingham at the time of the 1901 UK Census. I also learnt from her death certificate that she’d passed away there in January 1902. The part of the house still extant (seen above) was built in 1802. The Sisters of Nazareth moved their orphanage here in … Continue reading The Bates Family and the Sisters of Nazareth House..

Death certificate for Mary Bates nee Philips

Carry On Backwards…….

Following on from my previous post on the Bates family I have decided to fill in a couple of blanks with my more recent Bates & Philips ancestors and then to look a little further back with them before going forwards again and look for the Bates children in later census returns. The death certificate for Mary Philips my 3x Great Grandmother reveals that she … Continue reading Carry On Backwards…….

The Elusive Bates Family Baptisms…

Following on from my previous post I decided to look for the baptisms of the children of my 3x Great Grandparents Peter Bates & Mary Phillips. They lived in Lincolnshire around the hamlets of Hawthorpe and Bulby, according to the census returns Peter worked as an agricultural labourer, a fairly common occupation in that area. Using Family Search I found the couples’ first six children … Continue reading The Elusive Bates Family Baptisms…

The Bates & Phillips Families in Lincolnshire

Further to my previous post looking at the Bates family of Lincolnshire I’ve now received the certificates I ordered from the GRO. The marriage certificate for Peter Bates and Mary Phillips, my 3x Great Grandparents revealed that they were married in the parish of Bitchfield, Lincolnshire on the 10th June 1839. Both were employed as servants and they both had fathers called John who were … Continue reading The Bates & Phillips Families in Lincolnshire

Map of Hawthorpe Lincolnshire

Climbing the Bates Family Tree – Teresa Bates 1851-1932

I’ve decided to turn my attention to my Bates side of the family. I haven’t done a great deal of research on this side and I have a DNA match with a distant cousin which I’d love to know more about. I’m starting with T(h)eresa Bates, my Great-Great Grandmother. She was born in Hawthorpe, Lincolnshire in August 1851, the 7th child of Peter and Mary … Continue reading Climbing the Bates Family Tree – Teresa Bates 1851-1932


The Nottingham Jowetts

Following my discoveries in Basford cemetery I took advantage of the PDF trial at the GRO (General Register Office) to order the marriage certificate of my Great-Great-Grandmother Theresa Bates and her second husband John Hallam. The certificate proved my Grandmother was correct about Theresa’s remarriage; her given name is Jowett & her father’s name is Peter Bates which fits with previous certificates I have found for her. Theresa’s residence at the … Continue reading The Nottingham Jowetts