Woolfords & Stents in Hampshire . . .

A couple of weeks ago Find My Past released new Hampshire records so I thought I’d have a break from my Derbyshire relatives and see if I could dig up any new information for my Hampshire branch.

I already have details for my 3x great grandmother Mary Jane Woolford who was born in Worting Hampshire in 1858. She married Mark Wood in 1877 in London and the couple moved to Linton in Derbyshire, Mark’s home. Her parents were John Woolford (c1831) and Mary Ann Stent (1838-1881)

Wootton St. Lawrence church

The new records took me to Mary Ann Stent’s baptism in 1838 in Wootton St Lawrence, Hampshire – which gave me her parents – Charles & Ann Stent. I then found the family in the 1841 census, living in Lower Wootton with three more children – George, David and Ellen, all younger siblings of my ancestor Mary Ann. Charles is employed as an agricultural labourer.

A search for a marriage for Charles Stent and Ann revealed a marriage in 1828 also in Wootton which leads me to Ann’s maiden name; a new surname for my tree, Elwick.

I decide to track the family through the census’ before tracing them further back. I find Charles Stent in 1851 lodging with the Dickenson family in Basingstoke , working as a maltster. Ann is still in Wootton with three of their children and described as married, her occupation is entered as an agricultural labourer’s wife.

In 1861 Charles is living in Baughurst, Hampshire in The Malthouse (left). He left the marital status column blank.
Ann is in Lower Wootton still with two of their children, David and Ellen. Ann is again described as an agricultural labourer’s wife. It’s difficult to read her marital status as the enumerator had put a line through it, but it may read ‘estranged’.

The Malt House, Pound Green, Baughurst, Hampshire (Google StreetView)

I can’t find Ann in the 1871 census, so I search for a death and find a possible one in the March quarter of 1867 in the Basingstoke district. Charles, at this time, is boarding with his son David and daughter-in-law Emily & is back in Lower Wootton village – he is described as a widower and is again working as an agricultural labourer.

Charles, now an infirm agricultural labourer aged 86, has moved by 1881 and is boarding with his daughter Ellen & her husband Henry White in Sherbourne St. John. I find a possible death for him in the March quarter of 1883.

I start to look for baptisms for both Charles Stent and Ann Elwick. The various census returns give me possible birth dates of between 1795-1798. I can only find one Ann Elwick baptism – this is in 1802 to parents Robert and Charlotte in Oakley, Hampshire. It’s close to the area of Lower Wootton, but I also find a marriage in Oakley between Ann Elwick and John Smith in 1822, so this is unlikely to be my Ann.

I run another search on Family Search to check if I’ve missed anything which turns up the Bishop’s Transcripts entry for Ann & Charles’s marriage – it reveals that Ann is a widow. So I search for a possible marriage on Find My Past for an Ann ? to an Elwick and find a marriage between a Robert Elwick and Ann Leavey in November 1815 in Wootton St Lawrence. So this is a definite possibility which becomes even more likely when I turn up the death of Robert in 1823 aged only 28. So it looks like I am a Leavey and not an Elwick.

Ann and Robert have three children baptised between 1816 & 1821; William, Charlotte & Jane. It’s therefore likely that the Robert Elwick on the 1841 census with Ann and Charles is Ann’s son not her brother. I can’t find a baptism but according to later census entries Robert is possibly born around 1823-4, very near to death of his father so it may be that Ann didn’t get around to baptising him.

A quick search on Family Search reveals two Ann Leaveys in Wootton, one baptised to a single mum, Hannah, in May 1796 and another to Jonathon and Charlotte in August of the same year. There’s no way of knowing which is mine so I guess that’s a brick wall ending! There’s a baptism for Robert Elwick in 1795 to Robert and Charlotte, but as he’s not my direct ancestor I’ll leave that branch there for now.

I next turn my attention to Charles Stent, but without much luck. I can’t find a baptism for Charles – wildcard searches on Family Search, Ancestry & Find My Past don’t turn up anything. I’m also unable to find a Stent marriage in or around Wootton. So that’s two brick walls for now – at least I have managed to take this branch back a little further.

Census from Ancestry & Find My Past
Baptisms from Find My Past & Family Search
Photos from Geograph & Google StreetView

© Caroline Cox and Caroline’s Chronicles. 2011 – current year

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