The Bates Family and the Sisters of Nazareth House..

Nazareth House, Nazareth Road, Dunkirk, Nottingham

My 3x Great Grandmother Mary Bates (nee Philips) was a resident of the Sisters of Nazareth House in Lenton, Nottingham at the time of the 1901 UK Census. I also learnt from her death certificate that she’d passed away there in January 1902.

The part of the house still extant (seen above) was built in 1802. The Sisters of Nazareth moved their orphanage here in 1880 and extended it in the following years, also taking in the elderly poor of the area. The Lenton Times magazine has many more photos here.

Death certificate for Mary Bates nee Philips

I found details of their Archives and wrote to them to see if they had any details of Mary. Fortunately they do hold some information, but it is limited to a register; there are no medical or personal notes such as a description or photograph.

There is enough information available to confirm that I have the right person – her parents are Jane and John Philips and her spouse was Peter Bates. He’s described as a gardener in the Nazareth register but was actually an agricultural labourer according to his death certificate and census entries. There’s also some confusion over Mary’s place of birth, the register states Rithfield, Lincolnshire – she was actually baptised in Bitchfield, Lincolnshire.

The register does reveal Mary’s date of birth though, which I didn’t know before – always useful to have!

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