The Elusive Bates Family Baptisms…

Following on from my previous post I decided to look for the baptisms of the children of my 3x Great Grandparents Peter Bates & Mary Phillips.

They lived in Lincolnshire around the hamlets of Hawthorpe and Bulby, according to the census returns Peter worked as an agricultural labourer, a fairly common occupation in that area.

“This work is based on data provided through and uses historical material which is copyright of the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth”

Using Family Search I found the couples’ first six children baptised at St Andrew’s church in Irnham;
Ellen – 18th November 1839
Ann – 17th November 1841
John Philip – 26th February 1844
James – 4th November 1845
William – 10th January 1847
Joseph – 27th May 1849

Frustratingly, I can find no trace of their six older children, including that of my direct ancestor Theresa. They were still living in the same area but I’ve been unable to find baptisms for any of them.

I think I might try and follow them forwards in the census returns to see what happens to them all.

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