Further Back With The Wood Family


Continuing from my previous blog post – I ordered the marriage certificate for Mark Wood and Elizabeth Ann Woolford.

I got quite a surprise when it arrived – Mark, my 2x great-grandfather – was a private in the Coldstream Guards! I had wondered what he was doing in Kensington and how he came to marry there and now I know.

Wood & Woolford Marriage (1877)

The certificate also gives Elizabeth’s father’s name as John Woolford, a coachman. The Coldstream Guards traditionally guard the Queen so I wonder if he was a coachman at the palace.

This prompted me to have a quick look at available military records online and found some records of Mark on Ancestry Fold – it looks like he deserted in 1878 about a year after he married Elizabeth; how intriguing!

Unfortunately my Ancestry subscription doesn’t extend to the Fold records so I’m going to see if I qualify for a free trial which will enable me to download his records.

I can also look for Mark’s parents, Thomas & Elizabeth and Mary Jane’s father John in the census returns and follow them backwards adding yet another branch to the family tree.




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