Freeman & Wood – Two Birth Certificates


So the two birth certificates I ordered have arrived, quite quickly I have to say. I’d ordered the PDF versions; they have to be downloaded from the GRO website once they’ve arrived in your account. They cost £6 each as opposed to paper copies which arrive in the post and cost £9.25. The downside is that the PDF versions aren’t certified copies, so they aren’t suitable for any legal purposes but for family history they’re fine – & cheaper, always a bonus! They are available for births between 1837 –1917 and deaths between 1837-1957.

The first is my great-grandmother’s – Elizabeth Ann Wood. The certificate reveals she was born in July 1881 in Towns End, Basingstoke, Hampshire and that her parents were Mark Wood and Mary Jane née Woolford. This is really useful, as it confirms which of the marriage references I’d found previously is the correct one so I can order that with some confidence now.

The second is for Elizabeth’s father, Mark Wood. He was born in September 1855 to Thomas Wood and Elizabeth née Cope in Two Gates, Warwickshire. So I now have another previously unknown maiden name going back another generation to research.

I can start looking for Mary Jane Woolford and her mother-in-law Mary Jane Cope in the census to see if I can locate them with their parents before their marriages.


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