My Ancestry DNA

My results came through a couple of weeks ago and they’ve proved interesting.


My ethnicity hasn’t thrown up any surprises & is pretty nondescript actually. I was hoping for something a little further afield from home as a good excuse for a holiday but it looks like I’ve missed out there!

I’m a little disappointed with the number of matches that have no family tree attached – we’re related, but until they add some researched names to their tree it is impossible to see how we’re related.

I feel that Ancestry have sold the DNA kits with a promise that “all will be revealed” when in actual fact it won’t be without some research of your own to back it up.

That said, it has enabled me to contact a second cousin once removed in Australia. I hadn’t realised that branch of the family, on my grandmother’s side, had emigrated and it’s been lovely to make contact and share information and photos.

I have a few other close matches that I’m hoping to contact soon, but I want to catch up on my Freeman research before I go off along another branch.


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