William Carey Freeman (1848-1875)


The sad death of my 2x Great-uncle, William Carey Freeman following an accident in a coal pit.

I’d noticed he had died at a young age from the BMD records  and had decided to search for an inquest report in the local papers rather than ordering the death certificate.

It sounds like an awful, but avoidable accident, the poor man died six months afterwards at the age of 27.

Freeman W C (1848) Inquest Leicester Journal 26 March
Leicester Journal 26 March 1875


Freeman WC (1848)InquestaLeicester Journal 09 April 1875
Leicester Journal 09 April 1875

I believe William had married in 1870, but there were no children mentioned in the 1871 census.

I have also noted two other, much younger, William Carey Freemans in subsequent census returns, but haven’t yet worked out if they are related  and if so, how.

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  1. I’ve read a similar report of an accident in a gold mine shaft in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia. George Jenkin was knocked off the bucket while he was being raised to the top of the shaft with my 2x great grandfather Richard Henry Wigley. George didn’t survive but Richard managed to hang on and was raised to safety.

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