My Ancestry DNA

I was very pleased to receive an Ancestry DNA test for Christmas, I’d decided on it when it was on offer during the ‘Black Friday’ weekend.

I’d done one some years ago; an mtDNA test which only looks at the female line. At the time, this was the only test available for women and although the results were interesting the genealogical matches that it threw up have been unreliable.

As Ancestry is now the market leader in DNA tests and holds a huge database of members to compare results with. Over the ‘Black Friday’ weekend, when it was on offer, around 1.5 million kits were sold.


The kit arrives in a small box and contains clear instructions, an activation code, a tube to spit in, a stabilising solution and return packaging. It was quick and easy to link the activation code to my Ancestry account, do the test & pop it back in the post.

I received a confirmation of delivery note yesterday and now have a six to eight week wait for my results which will be uploaded to my Ancestry account and accessible online.

In the meantime I’m still researching and trying to add names to my Freeman side of the family and re-checking some other branches – more names means more matches!

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