Tuesday’s Tip – Summarising Your Data Twile & Infographics

As a subscriber to Find My Past I regularly receive targeted offers from them. A recent one was the offer of a free infographic based on my family research so far.

It was very simple to use. I generated a gedcom file from my Roots Magic database and uploaded it to Twile, using their easy-to-follow instructions.

A short while later I received an email with a link to my infographic.


It makes interesting viewing; the average age for marriage fits the available statistics for historical marriages and the average age of death is also within the range for the 17th to 20th centuries which is where the bulk of my research fits.

I need to check my database for the person who was born in 1011 though! It’s obviously a mistake – I can only dream of getting back that far with my research! So I need to put that right if I can find which person this applies to.*

This infographic covers my entire tree so it may also be useful to do one for just my direct ancestors. Twile also offer a timeline graphic which could also be useful in summarising my data.

*I’ve found them – it was a typo & should have been 1911

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