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Motivation Monday – I Need It!

I’ve been using the Roots Magic program to record my research progress and store all the information I’ve accrued for several years.  I’ve found it really useful with some great features such as a clear layout , colour coding, good search capabilities and is easy to use. The recent additions of Roots Magic to Go followed by an app have been great for use away from home, in archives & while visiting relatives.

The most recent update has seen Roots Magic join forces with Ancestry; it is now possible to sync your tree between them meaning Ancestry’s hints can be seen & worked on from inside the desktop Roots Magic (RM) program.

I’d been looking forward to this update & sat down to watch the video instruction the other day. In order to connect both accounts you either have to download an existing Ancestry tree to RM or upload your RM tree to Ancestry. As RM has absolutely everything on it and I’ve only ever kept the ‘bare bones’ online, I’ve decided to delete my Ancestry tree & upload my more complete RM database.

Roots Magic Media

Unfortunately on checking that everything was good to go I found that a change in the way RM tags images in source citations, such as census documents, has meant that not all my images were tagged correctly.

So I have to go through them all methodically to make sure that they all export correctly. It has taken me about 3 hours to do the 1841 census alone so I’m finding it slow-going & pretty frustrating! I can only hope that it will be worth it in the end.


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