The Nottingham Jowetts continued….

The three postal certificates I ordered have finally arrived for my Jowett ancestors that I’d found in Basford Cemetery, Nottingham.

Fortunately for me all the details fit with what I’ve already found so at least I know I’m on the right track even if the burials left me a little puzzled.

Working backwards so beginning with Theresa’s death:

Bates Theresa (1851) death cert

From this I’ve discovered that Theresa had been widowed for a second time, so John Hallam predeceased her. The informant was Tom Hind, her son-in-law, so one of Edmund & Theresa’s daughters must have married him. As far as I know they only had two daughters, Edith and Mabel and I know Mabel married a man called Stephens so I can now look for a marriage between Mabel Jowett and Tom Hind and expand the family a little wider.

Edmund Jowett’s death;

Jowett Edmund (1848) Death Cert

This confirmed Edmund’s death as the 7th April at his home in Gawthorne Street, Nottingham and confirms the information I already have.

Edmund Jowett’s birth;

Jowett Edmund (1848) birth cert

I now know Edmund’s exact date of birth, which I didn’t have before. This confirms his parents as Edmund Jowett and Sarah neé Morton which supports what I’d previously found in the census.

So now I can file those and carry on!

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9 thoughts on “The Nottingham Jowetts continued….

    Last name JOWETT
    Marriage quarter 4
    Marriage year 1896
    Registration month –
    MarriageFinder™ EDITH ANNIE JOWETT married one of these people
    Tom Hind, Robert Stokes
    District Basford
    District number –
    County Nottinghamshire

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      1. Edith was my hubby’s 4th cuz twice removed. His middle name is Jowett, as is our daughter’s, and his father’s. For a long time I tried to connect them to the Yorkshire line after we discovered Agnes Jowett born in 1860 in Liverpool. She could have come across from Yorkshire or ?? Finally found her father from Draycott, and one brother. Two more brothers came from West Derby, Liverpool too. Now just one brother, unplaced. He is a huge mystery.

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  2. Fran hates her middle name, but Chris loves his as it is so distinctive, even if he is not connected to the Jowett Javelin line.. I have looked down the line from his gt x 3 gdfather and see he has a thrid cuz, on facebook, also born in Liverpool, who has a son, so there are a few others.


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