Tuesday’s Tip – Unsuccessfully organising Myself Part II

Following on from my failure to keep myself organised – the second certificate I ordered was a marriage certificate for my other Great-Grandfather on my paternal line,William Frederick Freeman.

The son of George Frederick Freeman, William married Elizabeth Ann Wood on Christmas day 1902. This certificate confirms their marriage date, which I hadn’t known before and also that Elizabeth’s father was Mark Wood, who had died before the marriage took place. One of the witnesses was Phoebe Wood, a possible sister for Elizabeth.

This is really helpful as I’d previously made a mistake with Elizabeth Wood’s parents. I’d found a likely entry for her in the census, both the age and area fitted, so I had assumed (I know, dangerous genealogy term!) I’d found her and her parents. Following the release of the 1911 census, I looked up William and Elizabeth; they were living on Burton Road in Overseal, Derbyshire. Elizabeth’s place of birth was given as Worthing in Hampshire, so she obviously had no link to the Derbyshire family I had assumed were hers!

But having Elizabeth’s father’s name and a possible sister will hopefully make it possible to find the correct family for her and follow them further back.

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