Friday Faces – Who Do You Think They Are?

I inherited a box of photographs following my grandparent’s death and have since spent a good while trying to identify and sort them all.  I’ve been relatively successful at this – apart from the two people in the pictures below.

I think it is the same man in both photos, the one on the right being an earlier photo than the wedding one, because he has gained some stripes.

I’m almost sure they aren’t immediate family so they may be friends of my grandparents or possibly more distant relatives.

The wedding photo is lovely; the bride looks wonderfully elegant in her 1940s dress and large floppy hat – I would love to find out who they are.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Faces – Who Do You Think They Are?

  1. Thanks for looking Tony.
    Many thanks to the Facebook Nottinghamshire Genealogy group who identified him as an RAF pilot. I mentioned this to my Mum which jogged her memory! She told me he is Herbert George (known as George) Currie, my grandmother's cousin. He was born in Nottm in 1914 & went to the High School. His wife was Mabel from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia then) and they married in Bulawayo & lived all their lives there. Puzzle solved!


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