Workday Wednesday – Ted Richardson & The price of petrol….

A search through the card index at Nottingham’s Angel Row library a while ago led me to a newspaper article about my 2x Great Uncle Edward (or Ted as he was known) and his garage in Radcliffe Road, West Bridgeford.

The article, which appeared on the 21st July 1983 was to mark his retirement, after 27 years of running this particular garage and a total of 60 years in the motor industry.

It’s interesting to note Ted’s comments on the price of petrol, the equivalent of 5p a gallon in 1923, and the fact that it had risen to 37 times that by 1983, to £1.34 a gallon.

I wonder what he would say about today’s prices – currently around £6.31 per gallon!

If you have any memories of Ted and/or his garage, I’d love to hear from you.


Ted & his wife Margaret

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