Tombstone Tuesday – Ancestors & Butterflies

Some time ago I visited Liverton in North Yorkshire, where my Richardson, Shaw and Dale ancestors hail from.

Looking around the churchyard for family gravestones, I spotted this one which belongs to my 4x great uncle James Richardson and his wife Margaret (nee Hudson).  He was born in Liverton in 1800 & died there on the 17th April 1887.

The inscription is difficult to read; this is a transcription:

Sacred to the memory of Margaret Elizabeth the beloved wife of James Richardson who died April 12th 1873 aged 67 years. Also the above James Richardson who died April 17th 1887 in the 87th year of his age

Soon after arriving at the church we were joined by a red admiral butterfly, which landed on the gravestone as I was photographing it and then followed us around the rest of the churchyard, only flying off when we left.  It felt freakily like the ancestors were watching!

Last October, for my birthday, my Aunt painted a picture of the butterfly and gravestone which I was delighted with!

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15 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday – Ancestors & Butterflies

  1. That painting is almost indistinguishable from the photograph. Amazing! I also enjoy walking a graveyard and reading the inscriptions. Though I don’t know my 4X ancestors. There’s something about those messages literally written in stone that makes me feel as if those that passed aren’t entirely gone.

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  2. Wonderful! I’m assuming this is the Liverton close to Loftus? This is my old stomping ground, I’m from Middlesbrough/Yarm, North Yorkshire ☺ some of my ancestry is from all over North Yorkshire too, although I have yet to visit any churchyards to go name spotting. It’s definitely something I want to do. I loved the butterfly visit, there’s something quite special about that 😊

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      1. Ahh fantastic! Yeah, I love the moors especially. I moved from Middlesbrough last year to come and live in Cumbria, but my heart is forever Boro πŸ˜‰ my parents still live there too. I have a lot of North Yorkshire in my tree on both sides, how great that you have links there too 😍

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