But there are some good things too….

Although my previous post would probably suggest otherwise, there are some great places to see in Nottingham.

The Lace Market area has been really well done.  The surviving lace warehouses are now offices, restaurants & apartments.  Because they’re in use, they are being preserved.


This Georgian house just off Weekday Cross & opposite Nottingham Contemporary is used by small businesses & also contains a very nice cafe.  I have a further interest in it because my Great-Great Grandmother Alice May was living there with her siblings in 1871.


Emett's Clock Nottingham July 2012There’s also the ‘Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator’ in the Victoria Centre, designed & installed in 1973 by Rowland Emett, the inventor responsible for the ‘gadgets’ in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  I loved this clock when I was a kid; just hearing the tune takes me right back!  It hasn’t been working properly for some time, but earlier this year it was restored by local engineer Pete Dexter, who generously gave his time to nurse it back to working order.  It’s great to hear/see it working again; here’s a link to the news report.

And just a couple of days ago it was announced that there is to be more investment in tourism in Nottingham; mostly based around Robin Hood, but good news nonetheless.  Hopefully there will be more thought put into the historic buildings the Council already own.

And, lastly, I can highly recommend Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant on Low Pavement, worth a visit, for the chocolate brownies alone!


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