A Tale from the Nottingham Evening Post…

I wonder if he ever lived this down?!

“A Walking Omelette”
Boy Drenched with Milk and Eggs

A case which came before his Honour Judge Turner at the Mansfield County Court today arose out of a curious accident to a milk-cart.

The cart was apparently standing in Quarry-lane Mansfield at nine o’clock on a February night while the owner was delivering milk, and it was run into by a motor-cycle combination, with the result that the cart turned over and spilt its contents – milk and eggs – all over the 15 year old driver who was left in charge of it. Gallons of milk and dozens of eggs, it was stated, were upset over the boy who was so frightened by the unexpected cascade that he ran away – “ a walking human omelette” as Mr A.M. Lyons described him.

The boy was called as a witness but the Judge declined to hear him – “I don’t want to hear the omelette” he remarked. “Go away omelette!” (Laughter.)

His honour allowed a claim by the owner of the milk-cart, Jack Waterson, of Sunnyside, Sibthorpe-street Mansfield for £14 2s damages against the driver of the motor-cycle combination H.W. Spencer, an electrician of Murray-street, Mansfield.

*from the Nottingham Evening Post Tuesday 21st June 1927 

© Caroline Cox and Caroline’s Chronicles. 2011 – current year

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