Another tale from the Evening News……

This story appealed to my sense of humour as well; poor chap didn’t stand a chance!..


Did Not See The Policeman Until It Was Too Late

 In the small hours of Sunday morning, November 10th, Police-Constable White found two men loitering in the passage leading to the Midland Chambers Wheeler-gate.  Their actions were suspicious, and after keeping observation for a time he arrested the men.
The prisoners, Frank Whitehouse (34) a labourer and Morgan Stewart alias Doughty (36) a fitter both of no fixed abode, were today brought before Messrs. W.L. Hardstaff and H.D. Snook at the Nottingham Guildhall and each sentenced to one months imprisonment.Stewart said he could not see how he could be loitering with intent to commit a felony; “I am blind in one eye,” he declared, “and near-sighted in the other.  I never saw the policeman at all.”

*Article from the Nottingham Evening News – November 18th 1912
* Picture thanks to Andy Nicholson

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